Monday, 4 February 2013


Helix Australia identified the tremendous opportunity to expand our international distribution via licensing both pot and cut flower growers in overseas markets. These growers are either counter seasonal to Australian waxflower production, or located in close proximity to markets of large cut flower and pot plant consumption.

As of December 2012 Helix Australia has established licensing agreements and large scale waxflower plantings in South Africa, Israel, Portugal and work continues in developing a Helix Australia licensed grower network in Southern California, USA. 


We have established Australian plantations of Helix cut flower wax varieties at Dandaragan in Western Australia and in the Gippsland and Grampians regions of Victoria. These three sites have been chosen for climatic suitability, soil conditions and also flowering period – thus providing the export and local cut flower trade with an extended 6 month Australian flowering season. Our Dandaragan plantation commences harvest of Waxflower Moonlight Delight in mid July and we expect to finish up with our late varieties such as My sweet 16 and Pearl Buttons at our Victorian sites  in early December.
 Cassie Erceg, Export Sales Manager Wafex said customer feedback from the Helix cut flower varieties was very positive in 2012.
“….Our customers all liked the excellent vase life, minimal tipping/by pass growth and also the good flower density density in the Helix range….Demand was strong across all the Helix varieties but in particular Moonligh Delight, My Sweet 16 and Sarah’s Delight were highly sought after and we look forward to accessing increasing volumes in the coming seasons…”